Historic discoveries and finds …


Far too rarely do records or documents come to light that have long since been assumed to have been lost.
But occasionally, such a situation arises when, with a sense of adventure and anticipation, someone feels their adrenalin level rising.
Surely all of us have experienced such a moment of irrepressible joy of discovery?
We have compiled some of the most exciting “gifts of discovery” here that we have had the good fortune to uncover over decades of research:


1923-Fritz-Busch-Grammophon-for-Web All of the earliest recordings of music by Strauss, all preserved in the USA, featuring the Staatskapelle Dresden under Fritz Busch · 1923
Lautsprechersymbol-klein-1 AUDIO EXAMPLE & FURTHER DETAILS
Protokollseiten aus dem Aufnahmebuch der Carl Lindström AG zum 10. April 1929. Hinter dem Namen des Generalmusikdirektors Gustav Brecher ist in anderer Handschrift vermerkt: „Nichtarier“! In der letzten Spalte „Bemerkungen“ wurde in die Zeilen zu den je- weiligen Matrizen von „Tod und Verklärung“ eingetragen: „nachtr. verworfen – 21. 11. 29“, „Wachs beschädigt eingegangen, wird nur versuchweise angefertigt – 10. 4. 29“, und zur „Freischütz“-Ouvertüre: „arbeitet zu stark“, „Fabrikation beanstandet – 27. 5.“ The earliest recording of the Gewandhaus Orchestra under the direction of the Leipzig (Jewish) GMD Gustav Brecher, rejected by the Carl Lindström recording company for technical reasons and therefore never released in Germany 1929
Busch-Fil-for-web A complete copy of the English cinema film copy – picture and sound – of the Tannhäuser Overture, recorded in 1932 at the Semperoper in Dresden with the Staatskapelle under the baton of Fritz Busch · 1932
Etikett-Versuchsaufnahme-Funkstunde-Berlin-Joseph-Schmidt-for-web A rediscovered – previously believed lost – radio recording of the “Berliner Funkstunde” programme featuring the Jewish tenor Joseph Schmidt · 1932
Lautsprechersymbol-klein-1 AUDIO EXAMPLE & FURTHER DETAILS
Lieberwirth-MDR-Studio-for-web The missing Fidelio Overture from the opening performance in the “Grosses Haus” in Dresden · 1948