Der Rundfunkchor Leipzig 1928-1930 mit Musikchef Alfred Szendrei vor der "Alten Handlebörse", aus der die Übertragungen stattfanden. Foto: MDR Chorarchiv

The Radio Choir of Leipzig of 1928-1930 with its head of music Alfred Szendrei in front of the “Old Merchants’ Exchange” building from where radio broadcasts were once transmitted.
Photo: MDR Chorarchiv


One of the oldest radio choirs in the world?

For the MDR Radio Choir of Leipzig, time appears to have passed more than twice as fast since 1996 as anywhere else!
How else could you explain that the MDR Choir, which only marked its fiftieth birthday in May 1996 with a celebratory concert, was commemorating ninety years of radio choral tradition in Leipzig in 2014?
That’s because the 1996 anniversary, like many more that have gone before, related to the post-war history of the choir’s concerts, which began on May 1, 1946. That was when, under the name of Kammerchor (Solistenvereinigung) Leipzig, the ensemble first performed in public in that formation under the baton of Heinrich Werlé .
On August 1, 1946, the choir was incorporated into the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk broadcasting corporation and was henceforth known as the “chamber choir” or simply “association of soloists” of the Leipzig radio station.
Since time does not in fact elapse at a different rate in different parts of the world, a celebration in 2014 of 90 Years of Leipzig Radio Choir tradition can mean only one thing: that that tradition, the very roots of the MDR Choir as we know it today, reaches further back into the past than was originally thought and that it was only recently rediscovered …




I The Leipzig Radio Choir of Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk AG IN PROGRESS 1924-1932
II The Choir of the broadcasting station Reichssender Leipzig IN PROGRESS 1933-1943
III Leipzig Radio Choir singers in the Reich Bruckner Choir Leipzig and Linz 1943-1945
IV A new beginning IN PROGRESS 1945
V Annual review of the Leipzig Radio Choir IN PROGRESS  
Bibliography – Sources – Thanks IN PROGRESS  


DOCUMENTATION: All broadcasts with the Leipzig Oratorio Association · 1924-1931
DOCUMENTATION: Repertoire des Leipziger Solistenchore

In our account of the MDR Radio Choir by one of its members, Rüdiger Koch, we have endeavoured to compile and present to the general public the history and anecdotes relating to the ensemble’s rediscovery.
In it, the name Leipzig Radio Choir is used as a generic term for all of the phases of the choir’s development. The term Radio Choir Leipzig refers specifically to the period 1946 to 1991. Where the various names of the choir adopted over the years are used, these do not imply the existence of multiple choirs, since they all refer to the same body as it developed over the years.
We have endeavoured to quote all sources used without allowing the number of footnotes to become unmanageable. The essence of this history is based on the brochure entitled Erster kurzer Abriss der Frühgeschichte des MDR Rundfunkchores von 1924 – 1946, or “a short introduction to the early history of the MDR Radio Choir from 1924 to 1946”, which in December 2002 brought together the first results of research and was published in a second edition in March 2003 under the title Material zu einer Frühgeschichte des MDR Rundfunkchores Leipzig von 1924 – 1946 (material on the early history of the MDR Radio Choir of Leipzig 1924-1946). The multimedia chronicle by Rüdiger Koch presented here also includes further details which have been gleaned since then.
To make this information available to an even wider audience, an English translation is included, provided by Janet & Michael Berridge Translations of London.





Aktuelle CDs mit dem MDR Rundfunkchor


01_WEB300px Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
»Athalia« Musik zum Schauspiel von Jean Racine op. 74
(mit Zwischentexten von Eduard Devrient)
Dominique Horwitz | Sprecher
Ruth Ziesak | Jana Büchner | Sopran

Antigone Papoulkas | Anette Wiedemann | Alt
Jun Märkl | Dirigent
02_WEB300px Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
»Antigone« Musik zur Tragödie von Sophokles op. 55
(Texteinrichtung von Gerhard Löbling nach der Übersetzung von Johann Jakob Christian Donner)
Dominique Horwitz | Anne Franziska Srna I Anne Berg I Nilolaus Okonkwo I Tilo Prückner I Simon Zigah I Sprecher
Thomas Oertel-Gormanns I Bass . Andreas Fischer, Kristian Sörensen I Tenor
Thomas Ratzak, Gun-Wook Lee I Bass
Jun Märkl | Dirigent

Bestell-Nr.: MDR 1203
Booklet in English & Deutsch


Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
»Oedipus in Kolonos« Musik zur Tragödie von Sophokles op. 93
(Texteinrichtung von Gerhard Löbling nach der Übersetzung von Johann Jakob Christian Donner)
Dominique Horwitz | Anne Franziska Srna I Anne Berg I Nilolaus Okonkwo I Tilo Prückner I Simon Zigah
Jun Märkl | Dirigent



Bestell-Nr.: MDR 1306
Booklet in English & Deutsch

Howard Arman
Isabel Hindersin I Stephan Rehm I Jakob Then Bergh I Sprecher
Marina Scharnberg I Sibylle Neumüller I Sopran
Sandra Hoffmann I Alt
Andreas Fischer I Tenor
Howard Arman I Dirigent

 07_WEB Hanns Eisler I Bertolt Brecht
Die Maßnahme

Götz Schulte I Angelica Domröse I Gottfried Richter I Christoph Zapatka I Sprecher
Johannes Kalitzke I Dirigent