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The Dresden station’s first broadcasting centre with the transmission aerial suspended between the towers of the town hall and the Dresden Kreuzkirche


“Attention, attention! This is Dresden calling!”


The history of the regional radio station in Dresden is long and colourful.
Like the Leipzig parent broadcasting station, the initial modest Dresden radio studio began its transmissions in the year that Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk was founded, in 1924.
This first so-called “Dresden spoken-word broadcaster”, like its regional successor, was dedicated in the main to the arts in the Saxon capital, broadcasting programmes within the central German broadcasting federation called MIRAG for short.
It is thanks to this sustainable programme model conceived by far-sighted radio pioneers that we are in possession of valuable concert recordings featuring the Staatskapelle Dresden and unique opera recordings such as Richard Strauss’s Arabella and Daphne featuring the singers who performed at the premiere, no less.

Good reason then, to hear authentic eye-witness accounts by programme directors and technicians recalling those exciting times at the regional broadcasting station of Dresden:



The MIRAG ancillary broadcasting station in Dresden
Recherchen des MDR-Radiojournalisten Tobias Knauf

Das Musikangebot des MIRAG-Nebensenders Dresden · 1924 bis 1933
Recherchen des MDR-Chefproduzenten Steffen Lieberwirth

Der MIRAG-Nebensender in Originaldokumenten und Fotografien 1924/25

Der Landessender Dresden wird wiederbegründet · 1945
Erinnerungen des damaligen MDR-Kulturchefs Ulli Böhme
und des MDR-Toningenieurs Gerhard Steinke

Das neue Funkhaus im Hygienemuseum · 1946
Erinnerungen des damaligen MDR-Reporters Johannes Lieberwirth
und des damaligen MDR-Toningenieurs Gerhard Steinke