Gerhard Steinke



Gerhard Steinke im Sender Dresden, 1948
Photo: Collection Steinke


Gerhard Steinke  (b. August 12, 1927 in Dresden)

Sound technician/sound engineer with MDR, regional broadcaster for Dresden, from 1947 to 1949, followed by acoustic studies at the technical university in Dresden.
He worked at the central radio and television office of Deutsche Post in Berlin from 1953 to 1990, initially in the development of magnetic sound recording. Head of the acoustic-musical lab, developing the sound generator »Subharchord« for experimental music; responsible for the introduction of radio stereo sound in eastern Germany and the development of »ambiofonic sound« – the world’s first four-channel technology – and for subjective research of audio quality.
From 1971 he was Director of the Studio Technology Department – for automatised radio, studio facilities, directional sound systems (DSS), and for part of the time also for studio video technology. In 1990 he became head of the research team for new audio systems with Deutsche Telekom/Berkom looking at DAB, multi-channel technology, coding and so on.
He has been a lecturer for the master sound engineer course at the college of music Berlin for more than 27 years.
He has been involved since 1955 on international standardization: OIRT, CCIR/ITU, AES, VDT. Co-founder of the Surround Sound Forum in collaboration with the Association of German Master Sound Engineers.
AES Fellow, AES Vice President Europe 1991-1993 and since 1992 a freelance audio consultant, speaker and specialist journalist.


Gerhard Steinke stellte uns dankenswerterweise auch die Original-Master aus dem Rundfunk-Forschungszentrum Berlin
von folgenden Rundfunkaufnahmen zur Verfügung:

Rusalka [Gesamtaufnahme 1948]
Staatskapelle Dresden
Conductor: Joseph Keilberth
Rusalka: Elfride Trötschel
Water Goblin: Gottlob Frick

Freischütz [Gesamtaufnahme 1951] sowie Fakten zum “experimentellen stereofonen Aufnahmebeleg”
Staatskapelle Dresden
Conductor: Rudolf Kempe
Agathe: Elfride Trötschel
Ännchen: Irma Beilke
Kaspar: Kurt Böhme
Max: Bernd Aldenhoff

Die Meistersinger [Gesamtaufnahme xxxx]

Der Rosenkavalier [Gesamtaufnahme xxxx]


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