Dr. Steffen Lieberwirth


Dr. Steffen Lieberwirth

Dr. Steffen Lieberwirth
Photo: MDR

Born in 1952 in Leipzig.
Studied musicology and German language & literature at the universities of Leipzig and Halle.
1981-1989 Dramatic advisor at the Gewandhaus under Gewandhaus kapellmeister Kurt Masur.
1990/91 Head of the Cultural Department at SachsenRadio’s „Sachsen III“ arts programme.
1992 Development of the Music Department at the MDR Kultur broadcasting station and till 2010 Head of the Music Department at the MDR Kultur channel – known from 2004 as MDR FIGARO – until 2010.
Producer-in-Chief for MDR Radio since 2010.
1995-2008 Member of the Advisory Council of the Goethe Institute.
1996 Founder of the Triangel. Das Radio zum Lesen magazine and its Editor-in-Chief until 2006.
2005 Founder and Head of Content for the CD series of the STAATSKAPELLE DRESDEN and from 2009 of the SEMPEROPER EDITION series as Executive Editor.
2011 Launch of the EDITION GEWANDHAUSORCHESTER series, of which he is still Project Director.


Books:  Books in the German National Library:

  Die Gewandhausorgeln [the Gewandhaus organs] · published by Peters 1985
  Gerhard Bosse. Ein Leben am ersten Pult [a biography of the German conductor and violinist] · published by Peters 1986
  Anton Bruckner und Leipzig. Die Jahre 1884 – 1902 · published by Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag Wien
  Anton Bruckner und Leipzig. Vom Werden und Wachsen einer Tradition · published by Peters 1988
  Wer einen Spielmann zu Tode schlägt. Ein mittelalterliches Zeitdokument anno 1989
      [an account of the arts and revolution scene in East Germany in 1989] · published by Peters and Militzke 1990


Publisher and Co-Author:

  Gustav Mahler – Leben · Werk · Interpretation · Rezeption.
      [Congress report for the 4th. International Gewandhaus-Symposium 1985]
  Anton Bruckner – Leben · Werk · Interpretation · Rezeption.
      [Congress report for the 5th International Gewandhaus-Symposium 1987]
  Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. Radiogeschichte(n) · published by Kamprad 1999
  Geschichte des MDR Sinfonieorchesters · published by Kamprad 1999
  Wenn Engel musizieren: Musikinstrumente von 1594 im Freiberger Dom · published by Verlag Stekovicz 2007
  Der Thomanerchor Leipzig zwischen 1928 und 1950
     [a multimedia publication about St Thomas’s Choir, Leipzig] · published by Hagen Kunze; Steffen Lieberwirth (editor) 2014


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