Apr 032020

CORONA-Appeal for donations


We miss our audience, but we feel connected to you through this song!
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Dear standing friends of classical music, dear friends of the MDR-Rundfunkchor

In the current period of uncertainty, it is also not in the position of us singers to take the situation lightly. We lack the music, performing music together as well as the daily artistic and human exchange with colleagues and our audience.

The situation of our many freelance colleagues is no different. In the months to come they will be facing the absence of a substantial part of their livelihood. We therefore kindly invite you together with us, the MDR Rundfunkchor and the Freunde und Förderer of the MDR- choir to support our freelance colleagues with a donation!

Bank account details:

Freunde und Förderer des MDR-Rundfunkchores Leipzig e.V.
Bankverbindung: Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Leipzig
IBAN: DE14 8605 55 92 1100 6971 75 BIC: WELADE8LXXX


All of the donated money will be available to the Deutsche Orchesterstiftung, which will financially support the artists who have acutely fallen on hard times.


On request we are happy to provide you with a donation certificate. However, we will require the name and address of the donor.

In the hope of seeing you soon and well in our future concerts, we would like to thank you for your support.



Digitale Abstimmung zwischen MDR Chorvorstand und Verein der Freunde und Förderer des MDR Rundfunkchores


Kerstin Klein-Koyuncu
Friederike Stübner-Garbade
Philipp Brömsel

Die Freunde und Förderer des MDR-RUNDFUNKCHORES LEIPZIG e.V.

Dr. Steffen Lieberwirth
Rüdiger Koch
Gabriele Tonn
Jutta Schmidt

Beate Stübner


© MDR – With many thanks to our colleagues from MDR Klassik for their vigorous support.


Die Spendenempfänger
https://www.dov.org/oeffentliche_meldungen/corona-krise-dov-hilft-ihren-freischaffenden-mitgliedern   https://orchesterstiftung.de/